How to preview a posting in Dynamics NAV 2016

Finally, you can preview the posting

A long missing feature in Dynamics NAV is now available in version 2016. The fully-integrated posting routine, creating entries in all the modules in the system, now provides the ability for users to preview the records before it is actually created.

In parallel with the usual measures Post the and Post and & Print is now the new action Preview posting . When you select this action runs the system's accounting procedures in the same way as the regular accounts is invoked, but without permanently save transactions and posted documents.

As the accounting routine run is automatically displayed the Preview posting . This window is similar to the usual Analyze window, with the major difference that the transactions which it lists as a result of accounting is not actually created.
Dynamics NAV 2016 Preview posting

In order not to create holes in the number series or trick the user into the transactions actually created, it gives all the transactions in the preview the document number *** . In the same manner as in the Analyze , you can drill down through the list of transactions.
Dynamics NAV 2016 Preview posting entries

This feature even works when posting routines make additions to your entries. For example, using automatic posting or deferral function that inserts extended bookings entires than what you are registered, they also will be shown in the preview.

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