Kundportalen EffektConnect byter namn till Bizzjoiner

The customer portal EffektConnect changes its name to Bizzjoiner

Now we rename our product to Bizzjoiner and launch a new homepage for the product.

Clearer purpose

Customer Portal that previously went under the name Power Connect will now be renamed Bizzjoiner. At the same time, the product is given a clearer purpose, which is to promotes cooperation between customer and supplier within B2B.
Bizzjoiner is an effective and brand-building customer portal aimed at providing loyal customers and longer customer relationships.

New homepage

At the same time, we launch a new website for the product itself, BIZZJOINER.com.
On the new website you will find information about the product, how it is best used, etc. We will also have a special blog that deals with customer portals, digital business relations and the like.

Even easier to get started

It will be even easier to get started. Link the customer portal to the company's business system, allowing customers to quickly and easily access updated information, while case management makes it easy to establish structured collaboration.

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