Case management and direct connection to ERP

Efficient companies are more profitable than others! Efficient in their routines and efficient in their approach to customers. Combining internal efficiency with routines that make it easier for your customers to access information and collaborate with you is a very good combo. Case management + direct access to business data in the company's customer portal is something that not only provides better customer care but also improves internal efficiency.

In your company's ERP system, you keep track of transactions and customer commitments in a way that makes it easier for users to collaborate together. This can be, for example, order-based routines for sales, purchases, stock etc. I.e. routines that can be described in the form of general processes with predefined steps. This in combination with a case management system where you continuously keep track of the customer's questions so that nothing falls between two stools.

Access to self-service

What if customers could have access to self-service, for whom is it good?

I promise, it's not just you at the company who are interested in working effectively. Your customers also want the opportunity to complete their work on time. No one likes to wait or depend on feedback from their supplier.

Is self-service good for anyone other than customers? Of course, for example, your sales people can use their time better with sales activities than by serving customers with information they would rather find out for themselves. By the way, did you know that B2B sellers spend more than 60% of their working time on other activities than sales (examination by Ken Krogue Forbes).

Customer portal with case management and connection to the ERP system

Imagine if your customers can easily log in to your customer portal to directly obtain a summary of the current status. Copies of invoices (both open and historical), balance, pending orders, delivery notifications, etc. That is the business data, that you have in your ERP system, that customers often need to take part of.

What if the customer also has access to updated documentation about, for example, ongoing assignments, delivery notes, warranty information or the like.
The information that is not available in the business system and which needs to be answered by you, the customer can register as a case. In a collaboration, the customer may also need to send documentation to you in the form of specifications, drawings etc. In the situation where there is no order to refer to, case management can be a good way to gather such information and then be able to work structured with this .

Effekt's offerings for increased efficiency

Effekt's all about offering the tools that enable greater efficiency. Both increased internal efficiency and external efficiency where the business relationship is simplified both for the customer and the supplier.

Effekt works with Microsoft's ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central (f. Dynamics NAV) which contains routines that really give the company support to work structured and collaborate at the organizational level. To the ERP system we have ready connections from Bizzjoiner customer portal which allows us to very quickly implement an integrated customer portal where you can serve customers with updated information, case management and also the possibility of tailor-made ordering routines that use the logic of the business system.

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