Business systems with your customer in focus

Effect's ERP offering extends outside of your own organization and your internal resources. Instead of letting the business system only address the internal side of the business, the system is extended to a collaborative platform where employees, customers and other external parties working together.

Your customers are given access to the customer portal and can login to access the information and functions that they have been given access to. The responsive web site allows the customer to always have a direct contact with the company whether they are in the office or through devices that suits better when they are on the go.

By extending processes such as order management, project- and case management your customers are given the possibility to more quickly and efficiently provide input in the form of orders. They also have the opportunity to in real time follow the management of their own affairs. This reduces uncertainty and enhances the feeling of the customer being at the center.

Examples of functions and processes that can be extended to the customer portal are:

  • Order Process
    Ability to request quotes, place orders and monitor the delivery process.
  • Reservation and rental
    Find resources that can be booked or rented, and monitor current rental processes.
  • Case Management
    Possibility to start errands, monitor ongoing cases as well as search for information on closed cases.
  • Project Management
    Access to current planning, documentation and collecting reports.

About Effekt

We work as experts in business related IT systems. Through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI from Qlik and Drupal we create modern ERP systems that have your customers in focus. Since our birth in 1997, we have conducted over a thousand projects with more than 100 customers.

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