We start with a solid foundation

When you buy a system from Effekt you get a lot from the start. We always start with a functioning, complete basic installation that includes ERP system, portal for customers and employees, BI and much more. The price is set per user and the whole package can be paid per month.

The installation is very simple and can be done on-premise (in your own environment) or in the cloud as a service on Microsoft's Azure cloud solution. The installation is also included in the price of the first user.
The system is available in three versions; Base, Plus and Flex.
Base is a standard system with few opportunities for own adjustments, but with a low price per user per month. A variant for those who want to get started quickly without unnecessary costs. Plus is a flexible solution that can be extended with smart modules and apps. Flex is the system for those who want to be completely flexible with the functionality of your system and have the possibility to customize it indefinitely, only limited by your imagination.
It is possible, at any time, to upgrade from Base to Plus and proceed to Flex.

By starting from a standard system you can clearly see exactly what features are included, before you buy. No surprises or misunderstandings at purchase. The basic function usually solve about 80 percent of a company's needs and it is usually considerably more than what is available before the new system is installed.

When the system becomes operational you can add functionality and customize parts of the system can. This achieves a unique solution that completely fills all your needs.

Examples of extensions are running in the cloud, effect's warranty package, independent profitability control, standard and customized training, industry solutions, BI apps and much more.

About Effekt

We work as experts in business related IT systems. Through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI from Qlik and Drupal we create modern ERP systems that have your customers in focus. Since our birth in 1997, we have conducted over a thousand projects with more than 100 customers.

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