Why you should use the ERP system throughout the concern

Company groups that are part of the same concern have a really good opportunity to have coordination effects by using a common ERP system. Dynamics 365 Business Central has a number of features that not only distribute costs between several companies but also streamline the daily work of the users in the concern.

Exchange of knowledge and shared resources

By having the same ERP system in the concerns different companies, opportunities are created to spread knowledge about the system and its use. Although the companies do not have exactly the same business, and thus do not use the same functions in the system's modules, there is in principle always some functionality that is always used in the same way.

In case of illness or holidays, for example, people belonging to different companies can cover each other. They can also exchange experiences on what is the best way to perform tasks.

Shared customizations

Customizations in the ERP system can both be company specific that only solves customer's unique business processes. Adaptations can also be of a more general nature, such as integrations with other systems and solutions. If the companies in the group share other systems or need customized business processes, these can be shared by the companies. The cost of developing and maintaining these adaptations can then be shared.

Meanwhile, common procedures, for example, integration with other systems mean that the organization saves a lot of time when design and maintenance of these assimilated.

Uniform authorization structure

In the ERP system, a thorough authorization structure be set up to decide who has access to certain information and who can perform certain actions. The authorization structure is set up in the form of roles and privilege groups that are assigned to individual individuals.

By having a shared installation of the ERP system, you can streamline the assignment of permissions by allowing a user to get a role in a company and a different role in another.

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Shared licenses and operating costs

The licensing model for the Business Central offers access to freely create multiple companies in the same installation. Users are given access to these companies depending on their assigned privileges. The operating costs of the system in the form of licenses, server utilization, maintenance work etc. are shared.


Business Central has the opportunity to consolidate the accounting of several different subsidiaries into a consolidated company. In this consolidated company, you can then use all the functions and reports that are based on the accounting, but then on the group's consolidated information.

In the setup, you have support for creating links between both accounts and dimension values. This way, you can create a consolidated accounting even though you do not have the same accounts in the various companies. The different companies can also have different currencies and even have partial ownership.

Properly set up, the consolidation also handles eliminations, internal counterparty codes and routines for internal reconciliations.

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Inter Company Postings (IC)

If you have a lot of transactions between the different companies, you can use routines for Inter Company Posting. This can be used to transfer orders and invoices between the different companies. You can also use Inter Company Postings to distribute accounting orders between companies. This can, for example, be interesting in cases where you want to allocate costs.

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Central administration

Basically, the system is designed so that all parameters and registers are separated by company. Effekt has therefore developed the Central Administration module that enables you to create one or more groups of companies that should have common registers. In case the Group has many companies with similar requirements and sets, the Central Administration function gives the opportunity to save additional time and create even greater coordination effects.

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